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Working together, we can improve health in early life. 

Northwest Health Foundation’s Healthy Beginnings+Healthy Communities Initiative will help communities build power for better childhoods.

Man Leaning over his son. Photo Credit: Michael McDermott, Friends of the Children

We join many partners who are committed to healthy births, kids ready for kindergarten, and young adults prepared for high school. 

Why? Because we know that these are the critical years in building lifelong health and family prosperity.


Click to enlarge. Our initiative is guided by our principles, mission and commitment to health. It is informed by research and communities' lived experiences. 

A safe, healthy childhood can set the stage for lifelong health.  But no child raises herself. Family, friends and the community at large play a critical role in setting a child up for success.  It’s all hands on deck. That’s why the best strategies for improving health involve and are led by parents and their community. 

Working together, communities can forge connections, build leaders and collaborate to improve health for all children. In turn, those healthy children grow to contribute to our community’s overall health.

Click to enlarge. HB+HC measures health at key transitions in childhood: birth, kindergarten readiness, and high school readiness. 

Healthy Beginnings+Healthy Communities supports community-led efforts that impact health in the early years of life, and aligns with Northwest Health Foundation’s belief that we are most effective as a foundation when supporting the conditions for community organizations and members to develop common goals, and produce strategies and results that improve the lives of everyone.


Build Capacity

Help communities build leaders and partnerships.

  • 12-month organizing grants for 25 communities. CLOSED
  • 5-year funding partnerships with up to 10 communities. OPEN TO ORGANIZING GRANT COMMUNITIES

Spread Success

Lift up and spread proven and promising programs.

  • Bring new ideas to our region.
  • Grow existing programs into multiple communities or statewide.


Pursue system changes with an empowered cohort.

  • Help organizations and community members build their voices.
  • Develop shared agendas and policies that improve health.


Link our efforts to state & regional transformation efforts.

  • Share common milestones and measures with existing systems.
  • Align partners and programs to help shape changes in public services.


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