Additional Communications Articles, Tools & Resources

Charities Need to Remember Why They Exist - And Shout About It


A Practical Guide to Integrated Communications

Integrated Communications PDF


How to Simplify Your Complicated Marketing Strategy


Smart Chart 3.0

An effective tool to help nonprofits make smart communications choices.

Smart Chart PDF


What's Your GAME Plan?

Ask these four questions before using any communications tactic.


Vision, Values and Voice

A social justice communications toolkit.


Mission Accomplished with the Audience Dossiere

Learn how to best engage the audiences most important to your mission.


The Best Nonprofit Digital Campaigns Collection


Talkwalker Alerts

The best free alternative to Google Alerts.

Influencer Strategy

Greater Influence, More Impact

An article from Stanford Social Innovation Review.


Knowing Who You Know

Using your staff and board's connections to pass policies.


Stakeholder Analysis

Who are your nonprofit's stakeholders, and what is important to them?


The Amazing Network Reach of Nonprofit Influencers

How do you identify the influencers that are already on your organization's email list?


A Guide to Power Mapping

A power map is a useful visual tool for figuring out who you need to influence, how to influence them, and who can do the influencing in order to reach a specific goal.


How Networked Nonprofits Visualize Their Networks


Reframing Refugees Messaging Toolkit


America Needs All Of Us

A toolkit for talking about bias, race and change.


Don't Stay on Message

What 8,000 respondents say about using strategic framing to move the public discourse on immigration.


Education Core Story - Disparities Trigger

Video about messaging framing for education.


Toward a Good Jobs Agenda

Economic justice messaging research.


Caning, Context and Class

A research report mapping the gaps between expert and public understandings of public safety.


"Handed to Them on a Plate."

A research report mapping the gaps between expert and public understandings of human services.


Community Values Phrase Basket

We're all in this together, so let's say the same things!

Community Values PDF


Google Analytics

A tool for tracking how many people visit your website, how they get there, and what they do once they are there.


The 100 Best Nonprofit Website Designs of 2015



Tools to grow your website's traffic.


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Photos, Graphics and Video

The 17 Graphic Design Tips All Non-designers Need to Know


The Ultimate List of Free or Low Cost Image Collections


The Noun Project

A huge collection of cheap vector graphics.


Top 5 Affordable Tools to Make Infographics in a Snap


15 Free Infographic Templates


How to Successfully Launch Nonprofit Infographics Online


An Appropriately Quick Gif Guide


Why Should You Care About Typography?

Create and publish beautiful visualizations of your data.


Six Easy Ways to Hit Video Out of the Park

Blogging and Writing

Easy Reading is Damn Hard Writing

A guide for editing your writing.


50 Amazing Resources That Will Make You a Better Writer


10 Blog Content Ideas for Nonprofits


5 Ways to Fight the Curse of Knowledge in Your Nonprofit

When you know too much about a topic, you lose the ability to talk about the topic in clear and concise language.


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Jargon Finder

An online glossary of common nonprofit jargon.


Cutting Through the Jargon

Make your stories simple and appealing.


Social Media

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Are You a Bot, or Not?

Create a social media persona that reflects your organization.



A tool for scheduling social media posts.



Thunderclap allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, so it rises above the noise of your social networks.


Story-Based Strategy Campaign Model

A flowchart for creating a story-based campaign.

Story-Based Strategy PDF


Heroes' Handbook

Use real life heroes and villains to tell a story about the work that needs to be done in our communities.


Medium for Nonprofits, Explained

Why should nonprofits share their stories on Medium?


Stories Worth Telling

A guide to strategic and sustainable nonprofit storytelling.


Your Mission Statement is Not Your Story

Your stories exemplify your mission, but are not bound by it.


Making the Most of Your Best Stories

Focus on a few great stories and build as many doors into them as possible.


Telling Our Stories Toolkit

An interactive online guide from University of Oregon.

Health in Housing: Exploring the Intersection Between Housing and Health Care

This study directly explores the link between affordable housing and health care through the lens of several national health reform metrics: better connection to primary care, fewer emergency department visits, improved access to and quality of care, and lower costs.

Reducing Adverse Childhood Experiences by Increasing Community Capacity

Community capacity for organization and collaboration has been shown to be a powerful tool for improving the health and well-being of communities. Since 1994 the Washington State Family Policy Council has supported the development of community capacity in 42 community public health and safety networks. Community networks bring local communities together to restructure natural supports and local resources to meet the needs of families and children, and increase cross-system coordination and flexible funding streams to improve local services and policy. In this study, researchers sought to demonstrate the strong impact of the community networks’ capacity to interrupt health and social problems. Findings suggest that community networks reduce health and safety problems for the entire community population. Further, community networks with high community capacity reduced adverse childhood experiences (ACE) in young adults ages 18–34.

Grantmaking to Communities of Color in Oregon

How much giving by Oregon foundations is reaching Oregon’s communities of color? Find out in this report from December 2010, Prepared by the Foundation Center on behalf of Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington (GOSW). 

Download Grantmaking to Communities of Color in Oregon (PDF | 4.6 MB)
Download Grantmaking to Communities of Color at Northwest Health Foundation 2008-2013 (PDF | 169k)

Health Care For All Children

The Oregon Latino Health Coalition and the Oregon Center for Public Policy have released a report recognizing the undocumented immigrant children in Oregon who face many challenges to growing up healthy. Oregon's undocumented children often lack health insurance and are excluded from the Affordable Care Act and Oregon's health reform efforts. This report calls for Oregon to extend health insurance to all children, whether they are undocumented or not.

Strategic Plan for Oral Health in Oregon

Optimal oral health is fundamental to our well-being, happiness, productivity and quality of life. To reduce the social and economic cost of oral disease and related illnesses, it’s essential for all Oregonians to receive timely and equitable dental care at every stage of life, including the prenatal stage.
— Strategic Plan for Oral Health in Oregon

The Strategic Plan for Oral Health in Oregon was the result of a collaborative effort by the Oregon Oral Health Coalition, the Oregon Health Authority and the Oral Health Funders Collaborative of Oregon and SW Washington. It proposes a number of strategies for improving oral health for everyone in Oregon by 2020. 

These strategies include appointing a State Dental Director, integrating oral health education into general health education for all ages, increasing the number of oral health providers in rural Oregon, enabling providers to reach underserved patients and more.