Assistance League of Portland

1998 | Children's Dental Center of the Assistance League at Creston School | $9,690

The Children's Dental Center at Creston School is an established community resource. This project is to expand to provide one more dentist and chair side assistant one day a week for the school year beginning September 1999 through June 2000, to address dental needs of children that must now be turned away from the Center.

Camp Fire Boys and Girls, Mt. Hood Council

1998 | Healthy Start of Clackamas County | $35,310

Camp Fire's Healthy Start program seeks to add one full-time Family Support Worker to its current staff of two Family Support Workers. The Healthy Start collaboration, in which Camp Fire plays a critical role, is committed to providing initial screening and home visits to every first baby born to a family in Clackamas County.

Casey Eye Institute, OHSU

1998 | Identifying a Gene for Age-Related Macular Degeneration | $45,568

To identify the gene/genetic mutation responsible for age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of vision loss in this country, and determine how the primary defect in this gene leads to vision impairment. Funding is requested for screening of candidate genes for the hypothesized mutations.

Community Outreach, Inc.

1998 | Health and Safety Component of Parenting in Shelter | $10,000

This project would add a health and safety component to their educational program for families living in transitional and emergency shelter. The added component will focus on weekly lessons for children regarding health, hygiene, safety, mental health and responsible decision-making (drugs, alcohol, sexuality). Education of the children will be reinforced by educating their parents on the same issues with a parenting focus.

De Paul Treatment Centers

1998 | Enhanced Continuum of Services, De Paul Youth Program | $10,000

The project would support an on-site consulting psychiatrist for applicant's youth facility. Increasingly, the youth served by De Paul are dual diagnosis patients, requiring treatment for both chemical dependency and mental illness. Public support of their program only covers the chemical dependency services, not mental health treatment.

Dexter Rural Fire Protection

1998 | Emergency Medical Technician Training | $2,300

Project is to increase the certification level of medical personnel providing emergency medical response in the Rural Fire Protection District in Dexter, Oregon. Funds requested are to send 5 volunteers through the EMT-Basic Training class at an area community college in an effort to reach their goal of at least 5 EMT-Basic trained personnel in this department by September, 1999.

Juvenile Rights Project

1998 | Investigating the Health Needs of Youth Incarcerated in Adult Jails & Prisons | $30,000

This project will design, implement, publish and disseminate a scientific study of mental and physical health status and medical needs of teenagers housed with adults in Oregon jails and prisons, and will include the methodology for looking at the health services available to the incarcerated teens.

Lincoln County School District

1998 | South Lincoln County School Based Health Center | $75,000

Creation of a school-based health clinic in the Waldport Middle School. Population is economically depressed with 60% of children receiving food support in schools. Approximately 1500 students and preschool children would be served by this clinic. Collaboration with local health agencies and providers is proposed. Financial support is promised by school district.