Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee

2007 | The Nursing Crisis in Tennessee: Building Capacity Through Collaboration | $250,000

To expand educational capacity by increasing the number of clinical placement opportunities and enhance the online clinical orientation process, increase the supply of qualified nurse educators, and promote a culture of retention by identifying and implementing industrywide strategies that foster a positive nursing work environment.

Con Alma Health Foundation

2007 | Project DIVERSITY | $250,000

Project DIVERSITY (Develop/Increase the Voice of Ethnic, Racial Students and Interns Through Youth) is designed to increase the number of ethnically diverse nurses in New Mexico through a collaborative, comprehensive recruitment, nurse-student mentoring and tutoring initiative targeting 60 youth Hispanic and Native American students.

Dakota Medical Foundation

2007 | North Dakota Nursing Career Lattice Consortium Project | $250,000

To expand the production and placement of highly qualified nurses and nursing faculty in a rural-frontier region through an integrated and long-term consortium, and establish strategic partnerships with education institutions, health care providers, workforce and economic development entities, business partners, and health organizations to promote sustainability.