The Community Foundation of the Great River Bend

2009 | Pathways and Perceptions : A Life Span Model for Nursing Work Force Development | $150,000

Goal: To strengthen the educational infrastructure and faculty development in the Quad Cities community by: (1) Increasing the availability of qualified nursing instructors; (2) Increasing the availability of clinical preceptor sites; (3) Developing the local nursing education infrastructure (e.g., labs).

Casa Latinos Unidos de Benton County

2009 | Community Health Needs and Assets Survey and Organizational Capacity Building | $50,000

To conduct a community needs and assets assessment of Benton County's Latino population, forge new relationships with mainstream health and social service agencies, and develop a strategic plan to guide this new organization's outreach and advocacy agenda.

Cedar Sinai Park

2009 | NWHF Scholar at Hartford Center for Geriatric Nursing Excellence: Grant | $15,000

To develop a comprehensive brief outlining the issues facing the state in preparing to care for a rapidly aging and diverse population. To accomplish this, NWHF proposes the establishment of the Northwest Health Foundation Scholar at the Hartford Center for Geriatric Nursing Excellence, Oregon Health Sciences University School of Nursing (HCGNE), to be dedicated to the completion of such a report. NWHF is interested in defining specific activities that the Foundation and other policy leaders might support that will address the issue of the health of older Oregonians. This includes the gathering of information and the development of a comprehensive report that can guide this work in the coming decade. The Foundation is interested in understanding the scope of the need, the necessary professional skills of health care providers to work with the population, and identification of recommended policy and practice changes. X-Ref 15241 and 15598.

Clackamas Community College

2009 | WIIN Partnership Development | $30,000

To develop a partnership between Clackamas Community College Workforce Improvement with International Nurses (WIIN) program and the Clark College Nursing program, with the intention of expanding this successful program within the larger Portland metropolitan area.

Resources will be spent to facilitate the partnership, including meetings, development of an MOU, staff time and expenses in planning the startup. The possibility of including other community colleges in the discussion is also an important part of this discussion.