Bingham Program

2010 | Maine Partners in Education and Practice | $200,000

Goal/Objective: To re-design nursing education to develop appropriate nursing professionals for the future of nursing practice through a collaborative process. Noting that educational infrastructure and faculty development must link to the demographics of Maine'long-term care and home care serving urban and rural seniors. The objectives are to: delineate core competencies, including geriatric care; perform a gap analysis of core competencies to catalyze education re-design; strengthen clinical preceptor and faculty linkages from academic settings into clinical practice experiences; and broaden relationships with a wider range of stakeholders.

Caring for Colorado Foundation

2010 | Care and Career Transitions: Innovations in Home Healthcare, the Missing Link | $250,000

Goal/Objective: Develop new ways to increase the number and competencies of nurses providing home healthcare. To transition 90 nurses over a 24 month period into home healthcare, as well as develop a transition model that will be expanded to other agencies and schools. The five elements of this project include: recruitment, classroom and simulation-based training, preparing staff with respect to regulatory and reporting requirements, preceptor training and nurse coaching/mentoring, and evaluation.