Northwest Health Foundation is an experienced partner in helping donors and organizations have an impact.

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We are experienced in

  • Establishing advised funds for perpetuity or a defined goal.

  • Designing a grant making program that creates the community impact you seek.

  • Commissioning community-based research to better understand the needs and opportunities in your communities.

  • Defining funding scopes to meet your intent.

  • Convening groups of donors interested in forming partnerships around a region, focus area, or demographic.

  • Coordinating research services, focus groups or public polling to determine community priorities.

  • Working with fund advisors to improve philanthropy-related skills and creating programs that develop leaders.

Financials & Stewardship

Northwest Health Foundation is a sound financial steward. Our thorough investment policies for the endowment and other funds are overseen by our Vice President for Finance and Board Finance Committee, directing the work of financial consultants and identifying appropriate investment strategies within our approved asset allocation.  Finance Committee members and Foundation staff interact with each selected manager, and require monthly reviews of performance and quarterly full performance reviews. 

Financial audits are conducted annually and available here: 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018

IRS 990 forms are available through Guidestar for both the Northwest Health Foundation and its Northwest Health Foundation Fund II.

Legal Structure

Northwest Health Foundation (the Foundation) was formed in October of 1997 with net proceeds from the sale of the PACC Companies to Foundation Health Systems, Inc. and its subsidiary, Health Net Health Plan of Oregon (formerly QualMed Oregon Health Plan, Inc.). It is currently incorporated as a 501(c)(4) Social Welfare Corporation.

In 2003, the Foundation established Northwest Health Foundation Fund II, a 501(c)(3) Public Charity Corporation. This corporation exists to manage contributions, grants and donor-advised funds.

The foundation can provide services and grantmaking through either legal entity.

Our services

Donor-Advised Funds

Are you interested in making ongoing funding decisions without the the higher costs of direct giving or creating a private foundation?

Northwest Health Foundation’s donor-advised fund services are tailored to the donor’s specifications. Core elements of our services include supporting the fund advisory committee with administrative and programmatic expertise, grants management and financial management and reporting of assets. Fund advisory committee support can include the full-service process of solicitation, recommendation, and distribution of grants, or any combination thereof.

Donor-Restricted Funds

Are you interested in single or pooled funds in a given focus?

Donor-restricted funds accommodate donors who wish to contribute to a specific health subject without necessarily being involved in the ongoing direction of those funds. Often, multiple donors make contributions to one donor-restricted fund, pooling their resources in one area of focus.

Funding Partnerships

Are you a national organization looking for on-the-ground relationships or leveraged impact? 

Northwest Health Foundation partnered with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation from 2005 through 2015 to administer a national program helping local foundations address the national nursing shortage. Partners Investing in Nursing’s Future used the NWHF Nursing Initiative as a model and leveraged the expertise gained in this program. Funding for grants and administrative costs were provided to NWHF by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Fiscal Agency Services

Are you forming a health-related nonprofit?

Occasionally a group doing health-related work will need an organization to act as a fiscal agent during their early formation and before they receive their own 501c(3) designation from the Internal Revenue Service. Northwest Health Foundation provides accounting and administrative services to these organizations even if they do not require grantmaking assistance.

Restricted or unrestricted contributions

NWHF is able and prepared to receive, on a donor partner’s behalf, gifts and contributions in various forms, such as stock, real estate, and testamentary trusts. 

Other Services

Communications and public relations. These services can include communications planning and strategy, public relations, graphic design and production, and crisis communications.

Scholarships. We can establish scholarship funds and can manage the selection criteria and support the advisors in the review of applications for such scholarship programs. 

Ancillary support. Fund advisers may want to provide special assistance for speakers at major meetings, facilitator support for workshops or other support services to existing funds.  We can assist and oversee all of these direct community funding services without full granting processes.

Evaulation. Evaluation is an essential part of documenting effective grant-making. We can organize project evaluation, program evaluation or the evaluation of a cluster of grant activities.