Active Kids Do Better.

Oregon Active Schools supports programs that inspire a lifelong love of physical activity and its many benefits for every child in Oregon through opportunities to be active before, during and after school.

What is Oregon Active Schools?

NikeKaiser Permanente and Northwest Health Foundation are working together with the national Active Schools partnership to inspire a lifelong love of movement and bring the many benefits of physical activity to every child in Oregon. 

We know that active kids do better: they are healthier, and they perform better academically. We also know that resource-constrained schools may benefit from step-by-step guidance and connection to resources to get kids moving for at least 60 minutes a day before, during and after school. We want to help Oregon schools start the journey to becoming an Active School and celebrate the ones that are already there.

How? We are starting with focused grants to 159 elementary schools in Oregon. We are also promoting the Active Schools campaign to all Oregon schools.

How did we select schools?

We used three key data points to identify opportunity schools. First, we identified all Oregon elementary and K-8 schools where more than 70% of students qualified for free or reduced-priced lunch and where less than 65% of students met 3rd grade reading benchmark. We also added any State Priority and Focus schools to the list. Based on these criteria, we made grants available to 159 elementary schools throughout Oregon.

Oregon Active Schools Spotlights