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How do I apply for an Oregon Active Schools grant?

Find out if your school is eligible to apply HERE. If your school is eligible, please follow the 2 steps and apply below. (FAQ's available at bottom of this page.)

Step 1: Check if your school is eligible.

Step 2: For first time users, registering for a new user account in the Grantee Portal is the first step in the application process, and takes only a few minutes to complete. User accounts are for individuals, not schools. (Eligible schools can have multiple user accounts.) The only required information to set up your account is your school’s name, address, and tax ID (Principal/Secretary should have readily available), and a contact person. NOTE: We verify all new users, so it can take up to two business days for a new user account to be processed. Give yourself enough time to register,  get approved, and then complete your application.

Step 3: Once you are verified and have a user account, submit a grant application to Oregon Active Schools, describing how you intend to use the grant funds.

Grants will be made within 5-6 weeks of receiving your completed Oregon Active Schools application.The deadline for grant applications is NOVEMBER 28, 2018.

GRANTEE REPORTS: Grantee final reports are due on May 22, 2019. Click on the button below to log in to the grantee portal where you can submit your report. You may log in at any time to view the reporting requirements.

Questions about Oregon Active Schools? Contact Eduardo Moreno at eduardo@northwesthealth.org or 971.230.1293.

Important to Know

How much is the grant, and what can we use it for?

The grant amount is $3,000 for first year applicants and $1,500 for second and third year applicants.

The grant must be used to make lasting changes and promote physical activity before, during and after the school day. Grant funds may cover the cost of program(s) and related equipment; professional development and training materials; and posters, newsletters and other marketing materials. Grants may be used for programs you are already implementing.

Grants will not support: salaries for school/district employees; one time activities/events unless they are clearly linked to creating sustainable active school environments; activities/items covered under the school’s general fund; traditional classroom curricula; or activities that benefit only some students (e.g. competitive sports teams).

What information will I be required to report?

At the end of the grant funding period, we will ask you to update your school assessment online, so we can see what changes have been made in your school.

  1. How was your grant money used?

  2. What type of programs or activities did you implement?

  3. How many students did the funding impact?

  4. How did physical activity change your school?