Three overlapping abstract people. One is Solid, One is an Outline, and one is an outline filled in with diagonal lines.

Race and Ethnicity

NWHF board members identify as White, Black, Asian, Caucasian, Chinese, European, Western European, African American, Filipino Japanese, American Indian and Native American.

Three board members have parents who have identified as an immigrant or refugee.

An abstract globe.


Our board members currently live in Astoria, Portland, Salem, Oak Grove and Ontario, Oregon. 

Our board members were born in Astoria, Eugene, Lebanon and Portland, Oregon; Palo Alto and San Jose, California; Vancouver, Washington; Brooklyn, New York; and Tempe, Arizona.

They grew up in Astoria, Lacomb, Salem and Portland, Oregon; Fair Play, Glendora, Redwood City, Oakland, Palo Alto, Placerville and Pleasanton, California; Brooklyn, New York; and Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona.

Five board members have lived in rural communities, seven have lived in suburban communities, and eight have lived in urban communities.

Two abstract hands pressed together in prayer.

Religious Affiliation

Christian, Catholic, lapsed Catholic, Baptist, Buddhist, none.

Abstract family with two adults, a child and a baby.


Two of our board members live in multigenerational households. The rest live with a partner, some married, some not. Some with kids, some without. Two identify as "empty nesters." One board member's household includes dogs, a horse and a bunny.

An abstract person in a wheelchair.


One of our board members is Deaf/hard of hearing. 

One of our board members has Attention Deficit Disorder.



Five women, six men.

An upside down teardrop shape with a heart shape inside of it.

Sexual Orientation

Eight heterosexual, one gay, one lesbian.



One of our board members is in their 20s, one is in their 40s, two are in their 50s, four are in their 60s, and one is in their 70s.

Abstract Graduation cap

Highest Level of Education

Board members: Three bachelor's degrees, two master's degrees, two MDs, one PhD.

Their parents: One middle school, three high school, three bachelor's, one master's, two technical/vocational school, one RN and one PhD.



Three NWHF board members have used public assistance.

Three abstract houses, each one taller than the last.

All of our board members are home owners.

The majority use a car as their primary form of transportation, but four also use alternative forms of transportation such as walking, biking and public transit.