Thank you so much for leading a plenary session, workshop or community visit during our February Gathering!
To prepare our materials, ensure alignment across the sessions, and prepare our interpreters, please submit responses to the questions below by noon on Thursday, January 19th.  A detailed agenda will be posted on the Gathering website on Monday, Jan 23rd, so folks can select their workshop preferences. If something changes before our Gathering, you will have a chance to make edits.
Please contact Jen with any questions, or if you need more time!

Your Name *
Your Name
What can folks expect to learn? What will folks leave the session thinking about?
2-3 sentences describing what will happen during the session, and why someone might want to join. Is this a discussion? A presentation? A panel?
Name, organization/collaborative and gender pronouns
Super short. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy – a couple of sentences - tell us what you are working on and something to get to know you
Presenter(s) photo *
Did you email Jen a presenter photo? Nothing fancy--a cell phone selfie is great!
Describe the flow of the session, how long we will spend in each area, if there are small group activities.
We will have only one Spanish interpreter available per workshop. If you have small groups - how can we anticipate participation, are their portions that folks will need to be walking, standing, etc… how could we support someone who might not be able to participate in these portions?
Are you using powerpoint? Do you need flipcharts, markers, wi-fi, pen/paper?
How would you like chairs arranged? Lighting? Fog Machine? - just kidding…
The best way to contact you the day of the session if something comes up: (cell phone #, texting, phone, etc)