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COMMUNITIES need the tools and infrastructure to advocate effectively. 

Northwest Health Foundation funds advocacy trainings, supports civic engagement organizations and backs issue campaigns.

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One of the best ways to improve health on a large scale is to change policies that hinder it. Policy change impacts more people than any individual organization or service ever could.

When communities have a voice in shaping policies that affect their health, those policies work better for all of us. But you can't build a house without laying the foundation first. We need organizations that are ready at any moment to advance policies, and we need the elected leaders that are committed to changing them.


What We're Doing

building KNOWLEDGE

Communities are better advocates when they have the experience, tools and training to effectively communicate their message and implement their campaigns for change. So we are funding advocacy and civic engagement programs and trainings for our community partners. We're also funding trainings that prepare potential candidates to run for elected positions, from school boards to the legislature.

Two examples of organizations we support to do this work: Amplify and Oregon Voice


Supporting Issue Campaigns

We support policies that make Oregon a better, healthier and more equitable place for our kids and families. 

2014: We endorsed the Oregon Safe Roads campaign.

2015: We lobbied to increase 3rd grade reading proficiency through improved integration with the Pre-K system, including partnerships between culturally-specific and/or community-based nonprofits and school districts; improve the English Language Learning system in Oregon schools; and end disproportionate discipline by limiting out-of-school suspensions and expulsions in Pre-K through 5th grade and supporting positive discipline practices.

2016: We focused on fighting discriminatory ballot measures that would make it harder for Oregonians to vote, learn and work; endorsed ballot measures in Portland and Vancouver to support preserving and creating affordable housing; and endorsed an Oregon state ballot measure to earmark funding for dropout prevention programs and career-technical education in high schools.

2017: We're actively supporting Cover All Kids, as well as working on legislation that will require hospitals to dedicate community benefit dollars to addressing the social determinants of health.