September 2019 - Portland, Oregon


Cohort Learning Session: History of the Census

Research Justice in Washington County


Western Native Voice

Oregon Votings Rights Act Implementation



Your Right to Know Act


September 2018 - Portland, Oregon


How to tell your story to help defeat Measure 105!

Applying Narratives to Policy Advocacy


Introducing the Oregon Voting Rights Act


Narrative Feedback Session


April 2018 - Medford, Oregon

Saturday Plenary

Mujeres Unidas y Activas


Saturday Workshops

Identifying Cross-Cultural Values for Transformational Change through a Racial Equity Narrative

People-Powered Policy

Say NO to IP22 - The Repeal of Oregon's Sanctuary Law


Sunday Workshops

Effective Voter Registration Strategies


October 2017 - Portland, Oregon

Friday Workshops

Ballot Measure Campaigns - Lessons Learned

Making Fundraising Fun: House Parties


Saturday Plenary - Walidah Imarisha


Sunday Workshops

Anti-Blackness and Your Community

Messaging & Storytelling to Motivate Action


July 2017 - Ontario, Oregon

Thursday Plenary


Racial Equity Narrative Workshop


Moving to Collective Action

Small Group Discussion Notes


February 2017 - Salem, Oregon

Disability Justice: Creating Movement Where No One Gets Left Behind


Building Power at the Ballot Box and Beyond


May 2016 - Southwest Washington

Motivation Songs

Here's the list of motivation songs and lyrics you all submitted before the May Gathering!



Brothers and sisters of all races and colors
Watch what they say they'll be calling you criminal
We got to make this land better for you and for others
It's time now to sing out, tell our story, tell your brothers

You will not be able to play in, turn out, or cop out
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
Give me all you got
Don't hold back get ready to shout

Poor people gonna rise and take what's theirs
It's not about the salary, it's all about reality and making some noise
The youth are moving, it's time for a solution
You see war is not the answer, show some compassion

We march today, I know how to lose,
When your head's underwater, it's time to breathe fire
Hit for hit, kiss for kiss
I am no longer a slave of fear

All this pain for the color of our skin
but I still give you a kiss for your sin
Give you my tomorrows
because when trust returns all is special

I will survive, we will survive
Even without legs, we still walk
Everything changes, it is not a lie
I hear revolution when she talk

Authority say my life is prohibited
You know I ain't listenin'
because a cage of gold does not stop being a prison
To surge and refine against the line

They have been stepping on my rights
but you know history began when Columbus set sail
So you see the only difference between you and I
Is the time we have had for us to be free


March 2016 - Astoria, Oregon

Shared Understanding Session



Protocols for Improved Advocacy and Inquiry



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