We're so excited to have you in our Communities Collaborate Cohort!

This page will be updated with new documents and information throughout your partnership period, so please check back regularly. Feel free to contact michael@northwesthealth.org with any questions. Please let us know if you need accessible versions of any of the documents.

Gathering Takeaways

Click below for worksheets, presentation slides and other materials from our past gatherings.


Keep in Touch Between Gatherings

Use our Communities Collaborate Cohort Facebook page to stay in touch with each other between gatherings!


Building Power Assessment

Results from the Building Power Assessment, completed by Collaboratives in October 2016.


Leadership Team

The Leadership Team page will be kept updated with a list of Leadership Team members, work session agendas and other useful information. If you are not part of the Leadership Team, you don't need to worry about this.


Communications Resources

Resources for skill and capacity building, as well as key messages and graphics for communicating about Healthy Beginnings+Healthy Communities and your Collaborative.



Photos from the 2016 gatherings can be viewed on our group Flickr page.

Photos from all our gatherings can be viewed on our group Facebook page.

If anyone from your Collaborative doesn't want a picture of themself posted online, please email laura@northwesthealth.org.


Telling Our Stories

About the Collaboratives


Communities Collaborate contact signup

Please share this link with everyone involved in your Collaborative, including everyone from staff to community members and volunteers. We'll use this contact list to keep track of everyone's roles within their Collaborative.