Two adults crouch on either side of a toddler seated in a folding chair.

Impact Partnership: Families Leading for Health and Education

Northwest Health Foundation, in partnership with CareOregon, Kaiser Permanente Northwest, Meyer Memorial Trust and the Oregon Community Foundation, invites applications from organizations working to support family leadership, voice and resilience to improve outcomes in education, healthcare and early learning.

Applications are CLOSED.

 Parents and children sit in a semicircle on the floor of a classroom.

Innovation and Ready-to-go Efforts

Investments in this area are intended to reinforce innovative and effective practices and strategies that are ready to proceed or already demonstrating success and impact. Innovative projects challenge the Health & Education funders to take risks, and ready-to-go projects already demonstrate early success and positive outcomes. 

Coming Spring of 2018.

 An adult stands on stage with two children. The adult stands at a microphone, a clipboard in hand. One of the kids holds up a sign that reads "Homes for All!"

Policy and Systems Change

Investments in this area are intended to improve long-term systems change and policy development in healthcare, public education and local government, working at the district level and/or state and regional levels.

Coming Fall of 2018.