IT Services for the Tenants of the Center for Philanthropy

We are happy to provide our tenants with internet, wireless network connections, printing, and phone services. All other technology issues within tenant offices are the responsibility of the tenants, which you can address yourself, through services with a different IT vendor, or through services with the Center's current provider Portland Internetworks.

Our provider will troubleshoot and fix the following problems at no charge to the tenant:

  • Cannot access the internet
  • Cannot connect to the wireless networks
  • Cannot print to the shared printers
  • Any telephone or voicemail issues, including training

Solving common problems

You may find it faster or easier to solve common problems with internet, printers or phones yourself. Check out the Tenant IT Manual or the 3CX phone online user manual. (To access voicemail externally, dial 971-230-1295 and follow the prompts.)

Conference Lines

Each larger conference room has its own conference room line. There is NO PIN REQUIRED. Just call the number from the conference room phone. Conferences will start as soon as two or more people call the number, even if you haven’t joined from the conference room. Since those phone numbers are dedicated to those rooms, there is no need to schedule them separately, or to confirm with staff that you intend to use them. They are just included in a room reservation, whether you use them or not.

  • Jade Room - 503-673-8659
  • Orchid Room - 503-624-2562
  • Bamboo Room - 503-926-6960
  • Ming Room - 503-345-7458

How do I report IT issues?

NON-URGENT NEEDS (Monday-Friday 7:30aM-6:00PM): 

  • Email This is the best way to communicate non-urgent needs.
  • Chat at
  • Call Portland Internetworks at (503) 972-7272.


  • Call Portland Internetworks at (503) 972-7272. 


How quickly will an issue be resolved?

We hope to have your problem resolved according to the following priorities during business hours:

  • Emergency – Affects entire office, key systems are unavailable. – 1 hour response, 2 hours to resolve or reduce priority
  • Urgent – Critical service, but work around may exist. – 1 hour response, 1 business day to resolve or reduce priority
  • Standard – Three or fewer users having issues with little impact on operations. – 2 hour response, 3 business days to resolve or reduce priority


What if my issue isn't resolved promptly?

We want our tenants (and our own staff) to have prompt service and their issues resolved. If for whatever reason you do not have this experience, we want to know about it. Please fill this form out so we can better understand how we or LightPoint can improve.

I don’t want to fuss with a different IT vendor. How do I get hooked up with Portland Internetworks?

If your office would like to receive support from our provider please contact Paul Nickila at to initiate the support relationship. They can assess your organization’s needs and either bill hourly (great for many smaller tenants) or on monthly contract. These are their most recent hourly rates as of August 2016.