Over the course of its lifetime, the Kaiser Permanente Community Fund awarded over $30 million dollars to more than 140 organizations. These funded partners achieved many significant accomplishments. 

Between 2005 and 2009, Center for Community Health and Evaluation recorded 323 accomplishments by KPCF funded partners.

From 2005 through 2018, KPCF accelerated 129 system changes that shifted or realigned status quo conditions through changes to the built environment, organizational practices and public policies.


What regions did system changes affect?

Pie chart: 44% of system changes affected the Portland Metro Area, 41% affected the whole state, 15% affected other locales.

What types of systems change were made?

Pie Chart: 36% of system changes were to state policy, 25% to neighborhood/place, 22% to organizational practice, 12% to city policy, 2% to county policy, 1% to federal policy and 2% to other.

Some examples of system changes made by our Funded partners

Improving Community Spaces: Highlands Neighborhood Association established a community center, coordinated a lighting project and successfully advocated for a one-mile trail in Longview, Washington.

Culturally Specific Market and Incubator: Hacienda CDC launched Portland Mercado, Portland’s first Latinx public market and commissary kitchen, to create development opportunities for low-income Latinx immigrant entrepreneurs.

Foster Youth Advocacy: Children First for Oregon supported foster youth to successfully advocate for the passage of a bill to ensure foster youth’s rights and establish a public advocate in the Governor’s office.

Flatlining Prison Growth: Partnership for Safety and Justice successfully advocated for passage of a bill to flatline prison growth and re-invest saved funds into programs that reduce incarceration and recidivism.

Tuition Equity for Oregonians: Basic Rights Education Fund, Fair Share Research and Oregon Bus Project successfully advocated to pass a bill allowing undocumented students that graduated from Oregon high schools to pay resident tuition at all Oregon public universities.