KPCF is developing a learning and evaluation framework for implementation grant partners.

This framework will strengthen the capacity of funded partners, assess the impact of the Fund, encourage strategic learning and communicate successes to stakeholders.

All Implementation Partners funded in 2014, 2015 and 2016 will participate in the learning and evaluation framework. We will collectively build the evidence and document the successes of KPCF Implementation Partners in their efforts to expand community conditions for health. The framework will focus on the five guiding values that have informed KPCF investments.

The Fund will be guided by the following standards while implementing the framework:

  • Collaboration - Evaluate in partnership with KPCF funded partners, advisors, staff and consultants.
  • Utility - Collect data and communicate findings that can be put to maximum use.
  • Respect - Be respectful of funded partners' capacities to engage in evaluation with the Fund.
  • Cultural Responsiveness - Collect data and communicate findings that resonate with funded partners.
  • Mixed Methods - Collect qualitative and quantitative data to accurately capture the Fund's impact.

Implementation Grant applicants will be asked to set aside $5,000 of their funds in order to participate in evaluation activities. If invited for a full proposal, the instructions, questions and budget template will include specific information and opportunities to participate in the capacity-building, learning, communication and impact assessment components of the learning and evaluation framework.

Materials from October 2016 Gathering of KPCF Funded and System Partners