Early Life

COMMUNITY ALLIANCE OF TENANTS - Safe, Stable and Healthy Housing Organizing and Advocacy Project | Implementation - To address the impacts of no cause evictions and unhealthy housing on families with small children, low-income tenants of color through organizing, leadership development and advocacy in Oregon, Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties.

THE TRAUMA HEALING PROJECT - The Parent Wellbeing Project | Implementation - To improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities negatively impacted by cycles of trauma and abuse by driving critical service reforms in the parenting support and complementary care systems and building community momentum for trauma-informed complementary care integration.

WESTERN STATES CENTER - Marion County: Reproductive Justice and Youth Voices for Equity | Implementation - To support increased community organizing and base-building in Marion County on issues of Reproductive Justice and healthcare access, aiming to win a local policy change by 2018.


Educational Attainment

BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS OF PORTLAND METROPOLITAN AREA - North Clackamas Education Implementation Project | Implementation - To level the educational playing field for under-served youth through the implementation of programs that are fully integrated into the school day and out-of-school time, operating through an equity and ACEs-informed lens.

HEALTHY LIVING COLLABORATIVE OF SOUTHWEST WASHINGTON - Community Health Workers as Social Justice and Policy Advocates for Education and Equity | Implementation - To engage families at McLoughlin Middle School who are struggling to support their kids to be successful in middle school, provide critical insight to systems partners, and make policy, systems, and environmental changes that will facilitate attendance.

OPAL ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE OREGON - YouthPass to the Future: Transportation Options for Student Success | Implementation - Youth Environmental Justice Alliance leads and organizes a multi-level advocacy effort for YouthPass program expansion, Safe Routes to School funding, and the Oregon Youth Transit Initiative.


Economic Opportunity

DISABILITY ART AND CULTURE PROJECT - REAL: Reject Economic Ableist Limits | Implementation - To address barriers to employment in addition to fostering current and new leadership to advance civil rights for the disability community.

EVOLVE WORKFORCE & PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Evolve Workforce Training Program | Implementation - To improve the economic wellbeing and health of farm workers, their families, and other low income people by creating a path from agricultural/low wage employment to living wage jobs in property management through workforce expansion.

MICRO ENTERPRISE SERVICES OF OREGON - Solidarity Lending: By Community, For Community | Implementation - To create an innovative Solidarity Lending program, a "by locals for locals" financing product, that will help struggling micro-business owners break free from detrimental high-interest financing, while providing opportunities for successful entrepreneurs to mentor and give back.

OREGON HEALTH CARE INTERPRETERS ASSOCIATION - Pacific Northwest Interpreter Hub | Implementation - To create a pool of health care interpreters in collaboration with language service providers, local government, and health system partners for the purpose of improving opportunities, access, and outcomes in the HCI industry.





CENTRO LATINO AMERICANO - Nuestras Familias | Capacity Building - The project will pilot a coordinated, team-based wraparound process in a culturally and linguistically appropriate way that supports low-income, Latino families in Lane County who face barriers to health and will build our capacity to align with and contribute to systems change and development.

COMMUNITY EDUCATION WORKER STEERING TEAM - Community Education Worker Program | Implementation - The CEW Program enhances the capacity of families and communities most affected by inequities to promote health and educational success in early childhood through the intervention of Community Education Workers who facilitate social support, education and community organizing for policy change.

IMMIGRANT AND REFUGEE COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION - Community Education Worker Project | Capacity Building - The Immigrant/Refugee Early Childhood Community Education Worker Project will address the upstream factors that inhibit immigrant and refugee communities’ health through a community-driven culturally and linguistically specific Community Education Worker model.

NATIVE AMERICAN YOUTH AND FAMILY CENTER - Aligning, Advocating and Advancing Native American Early Life Programming | Implementation - Systems change for culturally-specific early childhood education/life will be achieved through a Early Life Coordinator who will elevate findings and proven expertise with change-makers to ensure Native children (and families) are ready for Kindergarten, promoting life-long success.

PARTNERSHIP FOR SAFETY AND JUSTICE - Strong Families Healthy Children | Implementation - Over the two-years of this project, we seek to support successful implementation, refinement, increased of community understanding and support, evidence-based justification, and state-wide expansion of the Family Sentencing Alternative.



ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN NETWORK OF OREGON - Oregon Asian Pacific Parent Leadership Empowerment Initiative (Oregon APPLE) | Implementation - Empower the Oregon Asian Pacific Parent Leadership Empowerment Initiative (Oregon APPLE) to close educational disparities facing API families statewide through coalition building, leadership development, and effective implementation of ELL reform.

LATINO NETWORK - Building Capacity to Re-Open LISTOS Alternative School | Capacity Building - Builds capacity for Latino community through a planning process to re-open LISTOS alternative school to serve the highest-opportunity (highest-risk) Latino youth, increasing literacy and high school completion, and working with youth and families to change systems in education and juvenile justice.

MOMENTUM ALLIANCE - Youth Education Advocates (YEA!): Youth-Led Solutions for PK-20 Success | Implementation - Youth Education Advocates (YEA!): Youth-Led Solutions for PK-20 Success is a cohort of 20 underrepresented leaders, 13-29, working to ensure that 100% of youth graduate and are ready for college and careers by organizing 200 additional youth and partners.

OPAL ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE OREGON - Oregon Youth Access to Education Initiative | Capacity Building - As innovative solutions to student access to schools are required to reduce chronic absenteeism, this project will build OPAL's capacity to engage youth around transit justice and access as a means to remove barriers to educational opportunities and achievement.



CLACKAMAS WORKFORCE PARTNERSHIP -  Workforce Equity Coalition | Capacity Building - The goal of the project is the creation of a coalition of individuals representative of the communities we serve to provide guidance and an equity lens for our organization’s work.

FAMILY FORWARD OREGON - Fair Shot for All | Implementation - The Fair Shot For All Coalition will build power for Oregon's economic justice movement by implementing a cross-sector, multi-racial, multi-issue coalition that will advocate for a set of shared priorities in order to advance racial and gender equity and to reduce income and wealth disparities.

HUERTO DE LA FAMILIA - Cambios Micro-Development Program | Implementation - The Cambios Micro-Development Program creates economic opportunities for the Latino community by offering business education, hands-on training in food and farm business creation, mentorship and access to capital to individuals who want to increase assets and income by creating small businesses.





BLACK PARENT INITIATIVE - Together We Can | Implementation - To engage low-income African-American families in comprehensive long-term culturally specific home-visiting services, while establishing a new evaluative effort to track program outcomes in coordination with the Department of Human Services (DHS) teen parent program.

CATHOLIC COMMUNITY SERVICES OF THE MID-WILLAMETTE AND CENTRAL COAST - Support Pregnant/Parenting Teens/Women to Transition to Supportive Neighborhoods with Safe, Stable, Affordable Housing | Implementation - To support pregnant and parenting teens and women to transition to supportive neighborhoods with safe, stable, affordable housing in target high poverty neighborhoods in Marion County.

MULTNOMAH COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT, COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICES - Future Generations Collaborative - Implementation Project | Implementation - To identify and address causes of substance-affected pregnancies through the development and implementation of collective impact strategies that advance health equity and positive birth outcomes in the Native American community.

NW DOWN SYNDROME ASSOCIATION - Empowering Families and Building Equity: Improving Access and Readiness for Young Children with Disabilities | Implementation - To strengthen the Northwest Down Syndrome Association's continuum of early childhood programs, partnerships, and family supports in order to positively impact and engage more families and children with disabilities.

NORTHWEST REGIONAL ESD FOUNDATION - Investing in Columbia County Kids: Early Childhood Screenings | Capacity Building - To build the capacity to provide comprehensive annual screenings for children ages 2-5 in Columbia County to identify health and developmental factors that affect their ability to learn.

OREGON ORAL HEALTH COALITION - First Tooth: Maternity - Teeth for Two | Capacity Building - To build awareness and access for oral healthcare for pregnant women and to strengthen the capacity to realize a caries-free generation of young Oregonians.

ROSE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION - Baby Booster Early Childhood Project | Capacity Building - To organize a collaborative of community-based, culturally-specific, education and public health organizations to promote the health of young children in outer southeast Portland.

WESTERN STATES CENTER - We are Building Reproductive Autonomy and Voices for Equity | Implementation - To build the capacity of community-led organizations of color to advance policy and culture changes that strengthen marginalized women's access for publically funded reproductive healthcare, improving the conditions that shape the outcomes of their children's prenatal and early childhood health.



ASIAN PACIFIC AMERICAN NETWORK OF OREGON - API Education Equity | Capacity Building - To deepen relationships and build capacity collectively with Asian/Pacific Islander focused organizations around understanding and addressing disparities facing English Language Learners and Limited English Proficiency students in K-12 public schools.

CAPACES LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE - TURNO Youth Program | Implementation - To launch the TURNO Youth Program to develop leadership, service learning, and access to higher education for Latino students of Woodburn's high school.

MUSLIM EDUCATIONAL TRUST - American Muslim Community Positive Integration Project: Engagement, Collaboration, and Connectivity | Implementation - To support efforts to develop leadership skills for Muslim youth, parents and grandparents; increase cultural responsiveness of public schools in understanding Muslim student populations; and support connectivity of Muslim serving organizations in the community.

NATIVE AMERICAN YOUTH AND FAMILY CENTER - College and Career Center Full Implementation | Implementation - To provide funds to fully staff and operate the College and Career Center.

OPEN MEADOW ALTERNATIVE SCHOOLS - Open School | Implementation - To launch Open School, an innovative, college-prep, 7-12 grade school that will serve at-risk students in East Multnomah county.

SALEM-KEIZER COALITION FOR EQUALITY - Parent Involvement - The Key to Student Success | Implementation - To expand services and programming offered by the Salem-Keizer Coalition for Equality to impact early learning and literacy through meaningful and culturally relevant parent engagement for Latino families.



FAMILY FORWARD EDUCATION FUND - Building a Shared Prosperity Agenda for Oregon | Capacity Building - To create multi issue, multi-sector structure called Economic Justice Coalition that unites a diverse group of statewide community and labor organizations to advance a community driven agenda that addresses poverty, economic inequality and the lack of family-wage jobs.

HISPANIC METROPOLITAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - Latina Small Business Initiative in SW Washington | Implementation - To increase the number of Latina owned businesses served in SW Washington.

JANUS YOUTH PROGRAMS, INC. - Village Gardens | Implementation - To collaborate with racially diverse, low income N. Portland public housing residents to build on success of existing village garden and community run grocery store by launching a community driven network of food based micro enterprises called the Food Exchange project.

PORTLAND AFRICAN AMERICAN LEADERSHIP FORUM - Transforming Displacement: Re-connecting the African American Community Through Economic Opportunity | Capacity Building - To explore how displacement caused by gentrification is impacting African American, multi-heritage and low-income communities and create a collective agenda to advance solutions.

THE ROSEWOOD INITIATIVE - Aligning Economic Opportunity Resources to Rosewood Community | Implementation - To improve economic opportunity within the Rosewood community by incubating new businesses, aligning with culturally specific organizations to support family wage job acquisition and partnering with training institutions to provide on site technical training.





ALBINA MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE - AMA House of Faith CHW Project | Implementation - To expand the organization's community health worker program to incorporate a holistic approach to sexual health promotion, including expanding training curriculum and training at least 24 new community health workers in health promotion activities.

CATHOLIC COMMUNITY SERVICES OF THE MID-WILLAMETTE AND CENTRAL COAST - Fostering Hope Initiative | Implementation - To work with several non-profit and public sector partners to promote optimum child development in six low-income, diverse neighborhoods in Marion, Polk and Yamhill Counties. Specifically, to support Neighbor Connectors, designed to do direct outreach, referrals and neighbor organizing among primarily pregnant women and families with children ages 0-5.

COWLITZ COUNTY COMMUNITY NETWORK - Coordinated Prevention System for Healthy Starts | Implementation - To design and implement a coordinated prevention system resulting in better use of available local resources and improved health outcomes for families with children.

ECUMENICAL MINISTRIES OF OREGON - Rockwood Food Opportunity Project | Implementation - To promote Healthy Beginnings by improving access to healthy affordable food for low-income women of child-bearing age in the Rockwood neighborhood of Gresham.

HACIENDA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION - Portland Niños: Early Childhood Intervention and Advocacy | Capacity Building - To add advocacy and partnership-building components to the organization's established early childhood programming.

OREGON LATINO HEALTH COALITION - Health Equity Initiative | Implementation - To implement the Health Equity Initiative which will focus on outreach about expanded prenatal care and advocacy for the populations currently unable to access health care through the Affordable Care Act.

OREGON ORAL HEALTH COALITION - First Tooth - Because Baby Teeth Matter! | Capacity Building - To plan for the urban expansion a program that trains maternity providers and pediatricians to address oral health issues with their patients, and to educate expectant mothers about proper oral hygiene.



CENTRO CULTURAL OF WASHINGTON COUNTY - STEAM Expansion Project | Implementation - To expand Centro Cultural's Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) program among Latino students in Washington County, serving more youth and more schools.

COALITION OF COMMUNITIES OF COLOR - Advancing Racial Educational Justice Across Oregon: Building Community Capital, Knowledge and Influence | Implementation - To become a 'clearinghouse for educational justice work in Oregon,' replicate their successful work with Portland Public Schools (PPS), build cross-sector collaborations, and promote the voices of leaders of color to build a more effective statewide movement to reduce educational disparities.

LATINO NETWORK - Juntos Aprendemos / Together We Learn | Implementation - To expand the organization's program to help low-income Latino families prepare their children to enter Kindergarten.

LGBTQ COMMUNITY CENTER FUND - Students Who Feel Safe Can Learn: Building a Safe School Certification Program to Pilot in Oregon | Capacity Building - To develop and pilot a program designed to reduce bullying, harassment and violence in schools as a strategy to improve educational outcomes.

ONEAMERICA - Building Power in Immigrant Communities in Southwest Washington | Capacity Building - To build the leadership capacity of immigrant youth and families to participate in the community processes that keep families united and promote child health and educational outcomes.

PATHFINDERS OF OREGON - Rockwood Youth Violence Prevention Initiative: Increasing Educational Attainment for Rockwood Middle School Youth | Implementation - To improve educational attainment and reduce gang violence by intervening with middle school youth who are chronically absent from school.

PLAYWORKS - Playworks Pacific Northwest | Implementation - To expand the organization's recess programming to 24 new elementary schools in Washington and Clark Counties.



CRAFT3 - Portland Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative Business Loan Program | Implementation - To stimulate equitable economic development by providing loans, technical assistance and support to new and emerging businesses owned primarily by people of color.

INCIGHT COMPANY - Employ Abilities | Capacity Building - To further refine and test the Handicrap project, designed to address the stigma of employment for people with disabilities (PWD) through training of hiring managers, coaching/training of PWD and communications.

LATINO BUSINESS ALLIANCE - Latino Business Alliance's Capacity Building Project | Capacity Building - To build the capacity of the Latino Business Alliance to provide business support services through strategic planning and part-time staff.

REACH COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, INC. - Financial Empowerment | Community Building - To investigate strategies and best practices to develop and implement a paid job training program for REACH residents.

URBAN LEAGUE OF PORTLAND - Workforce Program Capacity Building Project | Capacity Building - To study the intersection of social and economic indicators on employment and build partnerships with private businesses to improve equity in employment practices and employment rates for African Americans in Portland.

VERDE - Living Cully: A Cully Ecodistrict | Implementation - To further develop the Cully Ecodistrict model as an anti-poverty and economic development strategy to address community disparities in health, income, education and natural resources.