Assessment, Implementation and Measuring Wellness Policies and Practices

The 2014 School Health Index is an online self-assessment and planning tool that schools can use to improve their health and safety policies and programs. Based on CDC’s Coordinated School Health model for improving students’ health and learning, the SHI measures how well schools address six health topics: nutrition, physical activity, unintentional injury and violence prevention, tobacco use prevention, asthma and sexual health. This comprehensive tool will help you to evaluate where your school stands and will guide your team in determining priorities and developing goals.

The Healthy Schools Program website hosts a version of the School Health Index that addresses two health topics: nutrition and physical activity. It also includes resources, access to national experts, and opportunities to earn national awards from the Alliance. 

The National Food Service Management Institute offers a guide to help school districts conduct an evaluation of local wellness policies. This guide details step-by-step instructions for conducting an evaluation, deciding what the results mean, and communicating the findings to stakeholders.

WellSAT: 2.0 was designed to assist schools in assessing the quality of their existing wellness policies. This tool will be especially useful for district-level administrators, wellness policy advisory board members and researchers.