Regional Equity Atlas 2.0

Both Northwest Health Foundation and the Kaiser Permanente Community Fund support Coalition for a Livable Future's Regional Equity Atlas 2.0.

While interactive maps can tell a story about how public policies shape our opportunities for health, there are also stories that can highlight the everyday impact our policies have on the health of our neighbors. Thus the Equity Stories project.

From the project website:

The exceptional quality of life in the Portland-Vancouver region should be accessible to all who live here, but disparities in the distribution of resources and opportunities mean that not all communities benefit from the opportunities the region provides. The Coalition for a Livable Future’s Regional Equity Atlas allows us to visualize the region’s geography of opportunity, but behind every map are real people who are living with disparities every day. CLF launched the Equity Stories Project to share the experiences of people throughout our region whose lives are affected by the patterns shown on the Equity Atlas maps.

Visit the project.