Three overlapping abstract people. One is Solid, One is an Outline, and one is an outline filled in with diagonal lines.

Race and Ethnicity

NWHF staff identify as bi-racial, Black, Caucasian, Latino, white, American, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, European American, Filipino, German, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Latinx, Puerto Rican, Scottish, Southeast Asian, and Welsh. 

Two staff members have parents who have identified as an immigrant or refugee.

An abstract globe.


Seven of our staff members currently live in Portland, Oregon. One lives in Troutdale, Oregon.

We were born in Bellevue, Washington; Denver, Colorado; Makati Manila, Philippines; Paramount, California; Richmond, Virginia; Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico; San Francisco, California; and Santa Clara, California.

We grew up in Albany, New York; the Applegate Valley in rural Southern Oregon; El Centro, California; Half Moon Bay, California; Holmen, Wisconsin; Littleton, Colorado; Pendleton, Oregon; Reno, Nevada; Seattle, Washington; and Spokane, Washington.

Two abstract hands pressed together in prayer.

Religious Affiliation

Agnostic, Atheist, Catholic, non-denominational Christian and none.

Abstract family with two adults, a child and a baby.


Two of our staff members live in a two-parent household with one or more children. One lives in a multi-generational household. Two are single parents. One lives alone. One lives with roommates. Two live with their partner and no children.

An abstract person in a wheelchair.


No staff members identify as disabled.



Four women, four men.

An upside down teardrop shape with a heart shape inside of it.

Sexual Orientation

Four straight, two gay, one queer, one pansexual.



Five of our staff members are in their 30s, and three are in their 40s.

Abstract Graduation cap

Highest Level of Education

Us: Seven bachelor's degrees, one master's degree.

Our parents: One middle school, one some college, three bachelor's, two master's and one doctorate.



Four NWHF staff members have used public assistance.

Three abstract houses, each one taller than the last.

Six own their home. Two rent.

Six use a car as their primary form of transportation. Two get around by public transit.


Other Ways we identify

Fat. Nerd. Person with mental illness.