Vanetta Abdellatif, MPH

Vanetta Abdellatif serves as the Director of Integrated Clinical Services at the Multnomah County Health Department in Portland, Oregon. Integrated Clinical Services comprises Community Health Center (CHC) services throughout Multnomah County, including medical, dental, school-based health clinics, pharmacy and laboratory services. Vanetta also leads the delivery of medical and dental services in the Corrections Health program.

Vanetta began her career in health care administration with a bachelor of arts in social welfare from UC Berkeley and a masters in public health, with a specialty in health services administration, from San Diego State University. She has experience in hospital administration at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, California and long term care management in Nebraska and Wisconsin. Since moving to Portland, she has held leadership positions at Legacy Health and Providence Health, as well as at Multnomah County.

When not working to support improved quality of life and health equity for some of our most vulnerable residents, Vanetta enjoys traveling with her teenage son, Gabe, and spouse Ahmed.