To achieve our vision for health and establish a foundation for action...

We are most effective when supporting the conditions for community organizations and members to develop common goals, and produce strategies and results that improve the lives of everyone.


 Woman in the produce aisle of a grocery store.

In our early years, Northwest Health Foundation provided grants to organizations with immediate needs such as equipment, direct service delivery, and improved organizational capacity. 

Today, grant making remains a core function of the Foundation, and over the years we have refined and strengthened our focus on preventive initiatives — ones that encourage conditions that enable everyone to live healthy and prosperous lives.

Community Building

 kids huddled together, their hands in.

In addition to our grant programs, we also make a difference through community building. Community building brings various groups together to work toward common health goals. These groups may involve local grant makers, consumers, providers, insurers, underserved populations, businesses, faith-based communities, and many more. 

Together, we leverage the power of partnerships to effect change greater than any one group could do alone.  


 Woman and kids holding a sign that reads "Families for Healthy Teeth & Healthy Kids." Photo Credit:  ms.akr

We know that preventable conditions continue to harm our community, health inequities persist, and different approaches are needed.

Our unique resources allow us to press for quality health- and equity-centered legislation, fund independent advocacy efforts, and pursue policies that improve the health of our region.